Choose Either Statewide Impact...or Regional Focus


Promote your building products and services throughout California…the fifth largest economy in the world…greater than Canada, Brazil or Russia. Or you can focus your on advertising campaigns on either the Northern or Southern California markets—at a lower rate.


California’s unique in many ways. We can be your California connection to keep you up to date and help you develop a better understanding of the buildings industry in our state.


Statewide or regional advertising is more effective than national advertising because news and features are better read in your own market. Laws and regulations made in Sacramento affect everyone in California. What happens in other regions of your state affect the way you do business. There are frequent communications and travel within a state. Our articles are more relevant than national content, because they are more focused on people, companies and issues that directly affect readers in California.


So, tell your company’s story to readers who care…either through display ads or sponsored reports (advertorials) to more than 21,000 readers.


In addition to direct-mail distribution, California Buildings News is distributed to chapters
of the International Association of Facility Managers, the Building Owners and Managers Association, the American Institute of Architects, Institute of Real Estate Management, California Apartment Association, Commercial Real Estate Women, the Society for Marketing Professional Services and many more associations of building industry professionals throughout the state.


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Sample Advertising Options and Dimensions

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